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If you haven’t already heard of them you may want to give them a Google. Especially if you are in the market for a buy to let mortgage or looking to remortgage, Habito is a free online mortgage broker with a speciality in buy to let mortgages. 

habito buy to let mortgage

By using cutting edge technology to quickly scan over 90 UK mortgage suppliers, combined with the knowledge of their industry-leading mortgage experts you can be sure that they will find you the best deal in record time. 

“It turns out one in four homeowners in the UK are on the wrong mortgage and could save, on average, £4,000 per year,” said Daniel Hegarty - Founder & CEO of Habito. “We’re going to get you the right mortgage, and we’re going to do it without jargon, misinformation or the hard sell. We’ll show you the facts and then we’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with you while we focus on getting you into your home, or finding the right re-mortgage if you’re already there.”

Perks of Habito for Buy to Let Mortgages 

Habito will get you the best mortgage possible. Fast, transparent and impartial. But how do they manage this?

  • They get paid by the lenders - so this is 100% free for their customers.
  • Save £100s a month on mortgage payments. 
  • They search over 90 lenders, big and small.
  • Awesome customer support.
  • It’s all digital. No meetings, long phone calls or time-consuming appointments.
  • Available 7 days 9am–9pm  (apart from Fridays when they finish at 5pm, and Sundays at 8pm).

Using Landlord Studio for your Buy to Let Mortgage Comparisons

In a recent update, Landord Studio announced apartnership with Habito mortgage brokers who recently launched the very first open mortgage API. 

Landlord Studio has integrated a buy to let mortgage comparison calculator into their app!



This integration in the Landlord Studio app gives their users two options. Either select Mortgage Comparison, or How Much Can I Save? Then fill in a simple set of questions and that data will be fed into Habito’s algorithm which searches the market  – from over 20,000 products – to find the best deals, work out the best mortgage available, and tell you exactly how much you could be saving each month.

The search returns those deals which are considered “best” according to their true cost. This ‘true cost’ calculation includes the product’s interest rate as well as additional factors such as fees and incentives such as cashback, free legal or free valuations.

If you find a mortgage deal that looks good, simply hit the apply button and you’ll be whisked off to Habito’s website where you can speak with one of their mortgage experts and start the process of saving! 

Check out the video below to see in detail how it works.

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